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Last minute request: Feedback for Space Raid by nanochess


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Hi, I am disorganized. :) I am recording this episode tonight, and usually I post here for feedback on homebrew games because sadly I don't get much of it if I don't. But it totally slipped my mind, but I thought I would try anyway. I will be recording about 7 hours after this posts, so please tell me what you think about Space Raid by Oscar Toledo Gutierrez.


You can check it out here:




Thank you very much!

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Well.. when I was playing it some months ago I rather liked it. Coleco's Official Zaxxon for the VCS could have been more like this. Having said that, I'd like to see a follow-up to this game. I think there is a lot of unused potential in the game engine. Maybe we'll see a Space Raid II someday.

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I think the heat seeking missiles should have shadows, if possible, and the altitude bar would be a nice addition. Are we not supposed to be able to shoot the missile silos? Otherwise it is a fun game and looks good. I like that we have the shadow for our ship.

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