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Looking for maze of grog (NOT xb!)

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Have been busy all day, just now got time to check this out...


How do i run this?

I have the disk mounted as dsk1 in classic99.

TI Basic:

* I/O ERROR 52

TI Extended Basic:


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I am using nothing but the classic99 emulator.

I have no idea what "BXB" is ... Sorry.


I know the game is designed to load off disk, but perhaps it would be possible to load it off tape?

(I have a real TI994/a system, but nothing but console, plus Extended Basic and a tape player. No disk drive or NanoPeb/CF7.)

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Okay, Let's run the play again.

On my main system I use a Gram Kracker that has a heavily modified Gram 0 - which includes being able to load and run console basic programs that utilize the extra character sets with no issues.


When I initially found the original GROGMAZE it was in a Program format - and would not load into the computer without doing a CALL FILES(1) and NEW then loading the large program file.


Once I did this, I decided to do a CALL FILES(3) and then saving it - this converts to the i/v format and will load with no problems, at least in XB.


Anyway, Here's the disk again.


If you want to load the pure basic program you will need to do the CALL FILES(1)/NEW/LOAD routine - The filename is simply GROG.


If you want to run the i/v in XB you will need to load the GROGMAZE then merge BXB into memory. Check the listing first to make sure there isn't a line 1, because BXB merges with one.


Hopefully this new disk will get you there.





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