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Check out the new machine AtariAge member tarzilla created for the waffle game:

I had to make a few tweaks to his new code so not only could I understand it, but I could make it perform like it should. Seems like the government had the money to upgrade the machine for the secret government waffle project. LOL. I've still been working on this, but not so much the last couple of days. I changed a few lines of code, but nothing that would make the game any different, just optimization and stuff like that.

It's been a hot day so far. But this is nothing. On Wednesday and possibly Thursday, we may set an all-time record high temperature here. Not looking forward to that. They're forecasting between 106-110 degrees here, something that hardly ever happens. It may break 100 once a year, but not that high usually, just in the low '00s.

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