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Overlay Trades?


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Can we trade overlays here?

I was wondering if we could?

I can trade one of the following overlays:


B-17 Bomber

Buzz Bombers

AD&D (Cloud mountain/Crown of Kings)

Demon Attack

Minotaur/AD&D Tarmin

Night Stalker

Sub Hunt

Word Fun

Word Fun (2 of them)


I'm looking for:

Auto Racing

Bomb Squad


Chip Shot Golf

Slam Dunk Basketball (1 or 2)



Thunder Castle

Triple Action


Land Attack? homebrew?


others...but not as important


please msg me if you want to trade.


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Chip Shot S.P. Golf, Slam Dunk S.P. Basketball and Thunder Castle didn't come with overlays. Some homebrewers made them many years after the release of the games, though


Ok. Very interesting. I once had slam dunk..i thought that one did, but my memory could have failed me. :)

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