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Atari wireless remote controllers with Odyssey 2


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I've recently got the bug to set up a wireless deal for an O2 and 2600. Based on my current household arrangement, it seemed like the most plausible way to get a quick fix when needed on the main TV. Though I think this has been well covered here, for anyone not already in the know, the rankings for reception are 1.) the no-name brand RGA 118 set-up, 2.) Game Mate, and 3.) the Atari branded ones {DEAD last}. Interestingly {or unsurprisingly}, all controllers are compatible with all transmitters. Anyway, my question today is in regards to the power supply. Would it be best to use the Atari power supply to ultimately power the O2 through the transmitter unit? Or should I use an O2 power supply into the transmitter unit? I currently have been using the Atari power supply with no major problems {I read here that many others do this}, but I have been noticing weird blippy/scritch-type sounds during test games of UFO. So, I thought it may be useful to double check to make sure. On the flip side, would there be any danger of frying the transmitter, etc. if I use/plug the O2 power into the transmitter? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or wisdom here &, though this is mainly a double check to make sure I'm not unknowingly frying something, I hope this isn't just an obvious case of "doesn't matter." Thank again everyone.

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