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So with a momentary lull in activity, I decided to take a look and test the Game Boy game I made called Oranges. I had quite the time trying to beat it on a Game Boy, but I finally did when I switched to playing it on a Game Boy Color. I finished the game, and what do you know...one of the music channels wasn't playing! Looked through the code, added an extra call to it and played through it again. It works. On a GBC. I got mad at my Game Boy because it kept on denying me. Good thing I didn't sell that version to anyone. A while back, I had found a place that does Game Boy cart manufacturing. I had asked here if anyone would want to buy my game for about $10. I got one response. Making ten copies would cost $130, more if I decide to have a box done. I know a guy who does boxes, but he's extremely slow and/or busy. He was supposed to make the box to Insecticide for the VB, but he never did. So I'm going to ask again. Anyone in? I don't think I'll go the box route, it would add more to the cost. I need to know so I can buy some empty cartridge shells. I have one empty one. Also, if you have any spare Tetris (or any other dirt common Game Boy) cartridges for me, I'll pay you $3 each + shipping and you can ship them over here. Just give me a PM if you're interested.

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