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atari2600land's Blog - Oranges completed.


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I finally beat Oranges on a grey brick GB last night twice. The first time I tested to see if the title screen music began at the beginning. It does. The second time I tested it for Start button functioning. I wanted it to keep playing if the start button was pressed and not play once it was depressed. That worked out well too. So I think I'm done with Oranges. It's like I could add any big changes, I'm using up about 80% of 32k. I guess it could use more, but not for a simple game like Oranges. So now that I'm done with the game, I'm looking for an idea for a second one. I'm thinking maybe a Tempest-like game called "---pest." Where an exterminator goes around a line like in Tempest and shoots bugs that start out in the center and move towards the front. Or, I could continue work on the Frank the Fruit Fly adventure game I was working on. I think I'll do that seeing as how I want to learn how to bankswitch. I'll load what I have up on my Everdrive GB and see what I can do. I got a Game Genie for GB in the mail today. Oddly I was having trouble finding codes for it. Who knew a site called "Game Genie" would not have any Game Genie codes. Oh well.

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