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Atari 1010 can't load cassettes

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Hi, today I circumvented the plastic finger for the play button by pressing the metal part myself. I then tried to load a game but noticed that I can't hear the cassette audio through the tv speakers and the computer can't seem to hear the audio either. It can't be my 600XL because I have a 410 and can hear the cassette audio when using that. And I made sure that my tv wasn't muted, so it could either be the 1010 or the SIO cable. I've never heard of a problem like this before, so any help would be nice.

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I'dn't there a basic statement that will allow you to just hear the audio? You could put an audio tape in and see if it will just pass the audio for troubleshooting.


POKE 54018,52

I've used that command and tried using a normal music cassette and can't hear any music from the cassette coming from the speakers.
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