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American Turbo Duo


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Any recommendations for a website on fixing up one of these? Or cap kits?


One place that sells cap kits, if you want to give it a shot;



Then if you'd rather have it done;




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glwts but are you suuuuuure you really want to sell your TurboDuo? You're going to kick yourself later.



Are you kidding? I'm already kicking myself haha.


Seriously, it hurts to do it, but it's hard to justify keeping it right now. I have no doubt though that by the time I want it again it'll be worth something crazy like a grand. But eh... at least I can still play my games on my PC Engine. If I squint enough, I can pretend it's an American Turbo Duo.

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I don't think anyone thought you were trying to screw anyone moto, even those that questioned your price. I questioned (internally) the price myself, because a region modded/S-vid modded/recapped PC Engine duo can be had for far, far less if one knows where to look. But it appears some either don't know that, or truly value the US system at a premium (which shouldn't surprise me too much I suppose, knowing collectors).

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I didn't think you were screwing people but I did think $600 was high which is why I tried to trade into it.


You ended on $540 shipped, and then ebay takes a FVF 10% off, and paypal gets another 3% and change which removed another $70~ and that still it bit into more with the shipping charge ($30) both put that fee on too. You probably came out around $430-450 in the end on that which is like 25%-30% less.

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