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Super Smash Bros Brawl and the Wired Fight Pad


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It may come as a shock but this is the first Super Smash Bros game I've played, for the Wii. We're having a lot of fun with it, but before anybody told us we were missing out using the regular D-pad. I've tried using the Classic Controller, and it's cool, and seems to get the job done...but are we missing out even more if we don't use the Gamecube controllers? They sell wired versions of this, and I actually bought (and returned) one a few months ago before we bought Super Smash Bros. I was really disappointed that the controller wasn't compatible with all classic controller games (or maybe it was compatible, but I was chuffed that I couldn't use it for something as basic as Super Mario Bros Wii)...it seemed that if I could only really use it with Super Smash and a smattering of other games (like the Virtual Console) that I'm fine with using the classic controllers.


But..now we're playing SSBB, and...that controller is gone gone GONE, but I'm thinking about picking up more. Like four more.


Will they expand the playability of the game THAT much?...or should I just be fine with using the Classic Controllers?


These wired Fight Pads as they're called did feel pretty cheap for an official Nintendo product, I can tell you that much. But like I said, we never played it with the game it's designed for.


Thoughts? Thanks!


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