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Chessblazer: A Chess Program that Uses the Ballblazer Interface Metaphor

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Would be really neat.


All of this talk about user Mr. Fish writing a new Chess Game made me think, "Well, what hasn't been done before?" & "What would look really cool?".


I had always liked Chessmaster 2000, and I had always liked Ballblazer, being that they were both really fun to play, and that they both really showed off the graphics capabilities of the Atari computer... So, in an effort to start people thinking about such a "Chessblazer", I though that it would be best to start a new topic, where people could discuss the technical aspects of what would be needed, to write such a program.


I'm looking forward to hearing other people's opinions about what would be necessary to create a good game of Chessblazer.

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The obvious answer is that with any 3D type environment - you don't see many objects being present - because the 80s' hardware simply can't cope with so many objects present - so you can only do a VBXE version?

Maybe then you'll consider only a pseudo-3D approach - but you still find that the original hardware simply cannot handle so many chess pieces on the board still - and so you have to drastically rethink how the graphics can only be done?

But you're still stuck with the same problem outlined.


Maybe a better question may be - With the type in Laser Chess program in Compute! - why hasn't someone updated this into some kind of deluxe version - featuring animations and better graphics? Maybe adding additional extras to it too?



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