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Hey extremely new to this forum but having minor issues with my atari 2600 4 switch vader. I have the system hooked directly to about a 30 inch crtv I just have some relatively minor issues with the display. It seems every game I put in plays perfectly but there is a black bar on the left side like it's off center to the right a bit. Is this normal? And it gets a bit shaky at times. Should I replace the rf cable or could it just be the tv? Thanks for any help or advice

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I actually have one of those and the shakiness really isn't as big of an issue. The video is pretty clean for the most part. I'll post a pic as soon as I can figure out how to lol. So far it hasn't affected gameplay but it looks like the game screen is to the right a bit and it's just annoying. There's about 2 inches of empty black space on the left side of the screen. That's the best way I can describe it before I figure out how to post a pic

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The 2600 video chip generates black lines on the left side of the screen if a game repositions the graphical objects during the display, which creates the "comb effect" you can see in some games.
Many games (e.g "river raid") hide those artifacts by displayng a continuous black border on the left edge, thus making the resulting picture appear offset to the right (but without the "comb" lines).

I think that's what you're seeing on your TV, and in that case it's exactly how the image is supposed to look.




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Here's a pic btw but I'm pretty sure it's what Alex explained


I would say that is exactly it. If you look at the score box at the bottom of the screen, it looks like that is centered pretty well with the JVC logo? If not it might be a tiny bit off to the right, but it could also be the angle the pic was taken from.


Either way, it does look to me to be the standard activision hiding the hmove lines...

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