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Interview with Don Emry tomorrow. Anyone have questions?

Dastari Creel

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I have an interview with Don Emry set up for tomorrow. He developed the four 1973 games for the original Magnavox Odyssey and was a tech writer for some of the game manuals. As far as I know he has only been interviewed one time back in 2004. You can find that interview here: http://www.digitpress.com/library/interviews/interview_don_emry.html


I think that interview left out a lot of questions, but I wanted to throw things open to the community to see what questions all of you have, and I'll add them to my list.

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So where and when can we read this new interview?


As soon as The Video Game Archive, my new website, goes online it will be there and I'll post a link. The main URL will be vgarchive.com. I plan on trying to compile as much information about every game and system that I can find and placing it there. The idea is to have a one-stop shop for interviews, manuals, schematics, news articles, etc. I'm prioritizing the earliest consoles because that's where we have the greatest potential to lose knowledge with aging documents and aging personnel who worked on them.


Now, the real question is if I can find any people who haven't been interviewed yet about the Odyssey. I'm starting to cast my net and we'll see what I pull in.

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I had the opportunity to buy Don Emrys personal odyssey system a few years back....kicking myself for not doing it :(


I look forward very much to your interview results!


I made sure to ask about that and was sad to see that someone had already gotten their hands on it.

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