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Doom bright zones producing static sound?


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I've always wondered why Doom (and wolfenstein to an extent) produced some sort of faint buzzing sound in the speakers when facing a bright surface or in the menus/stats screens.

I had it with my original jag too and it's peresent in video streams of the game so i assume it's for everyone...


Is it because it computes with the sound DSP?


Also, is it reduced if using a regulated PSU?(closer than 9v than the official jag one is)

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I would guess it's your monitor/television, which "works harder" with light hues.



Nah i use an LCD tv but back then i thought the same with my trinitrion lol.


Zerosquare you must be right but i'm pretty sure it's not the cable as even the official scart does it and i'm pretty sure CatBox recordings out there feature the same thing...




Go ahead, put your cart in the Jag crank up the volume or put on headphones like me and move arround the first map and compare facing differently lighted surfaces.

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I tried cybermorph with all sounds muted, no static sound. It's Doom.


It's not my cartridge nor my console. It's the way the game works.

My the other jag woes the same, my childhood Jag did the same also and with an other cart with other equipments.


You guys should try by yourselves. The main menu does it as well as the title screen when loading starts.


It's weird no one else noticed. :)




Buy a Vectrex and then get back to us on buzzing sounds.



As for the Vectrex i wanted to buy one(small world) but i can't afford much more platforms as i have more jag games/accessories planed as well as current gen games. Also exotic consoles are the most expensive ones :(

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I spent a few hours playing Doom last night through my sound system which was turned up pretty loud. I am using s-video cables. I could not discern any buzzing or static sounds. I stood in an area where I could strafe left to have the screen filled by a light and then strafe right for the picture to become very dark. I didn't notice any audible difference between the two. My television is a different story. It's a CRT that produces a nice high-pitched sound that my children can hear from a room away when the television is on. I rarely hear it myself. I don't have a hearing problem but there are frequencies that you lose the ability to hear as you get older.


I've been playing Doom since it was released. I have played a whole lot of Jaguar Doom since shortly after it was released for the Jaguar. My Jaguar cables have evolved over the years starting with RF, then composite, and finally s-video. I have never noticed this phenomenon and this is the first I have heard of it.

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Is the buzzing definitely coming from the TV speakers? Or could it be from the jaguar itself? I had a similar issue occur when i recapped my Jaguar about 2 years or so back. Ended up that I have a version of the jaguar with a known issue on the coil inside to whine badly and it would fluctuate based on what was being displayed on the screen.


I solved it by having a different brand and type of Capacitor replacement sent to me for just that section and it solved it. So..just curious where the buzzing is coming from?

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The speakers. Whatever speakers or headphones, only with Doom It's very faint only when the screen is very bright, on my two jags(three if you count the one from my childhood and also every youtube Jaguar Doom playthroughs... If you don't hear it maybe your speakers cut off some frequency because it's there.

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