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While going through some old tapes I had of Nickelodeon (just Ren and Stimpy, as a kid I WISELY taped the ads), I ran across this old ad I had of the redesigned NES. I've decided to relaunch the late NES page I had and put this old ad on here. I also have a print ad I need to scan and put on the site as well. So anyway, I am wondering if the ad will be viewable with the old html code I had laying around for videos. If you don't mind, go to the page with the ad on it and tell me if you can play it or not. http://www.atari2600land.com/1994/nestvad.html

Sadly, I don't have Alfred Chicken anymore, but I do have Mario Is Missing for the NES. I need to see if it was made in 1994 or not. I also have Wario's Woods, which I need to put on the site. I guess I just asked for a bunch of work. ;)

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