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Imagine a microvision sd or flashcard


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We all know how painfull it was to swap cartrides on the microvision with the risk of causing shortage to the cirquit as well as damaging the controller, but how about an sd card or flashcard for it wich you never have to swap at all with control buttons wich will NEVER break.

This way,no more worry's ,no more hassle with cartrides,no more risks of damaging the system.


Yes am aware of the limitations of that system so maybe a flashcard with multiple roms on it with dip switches on it might be better and easier to realize but still.

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Never happen. Microvision had a weird design, they put the CPU on the cartridge rather than on the main unit, and the game ROM were stored and locked inside the CPU. AFAIK no one can dump it, you would have to physically cut the CPU off to expose the chip inside and use a good microscope to find and read the ROM area and hand-assemble 1k or 2k of data to make ROM file. That's 8,000 or 16,000 single bits to read and transfer.


It may be easier to replace the main unit with a new one that has safe power circuit that actually shuts off all power, not just a few pins, and have a new LCD with something like FPGA to convert Microvision video signal to modern LCD. The original main unit had standard pot, standard battery, and standard pizeo speaker, only the LCD and the LCD driver chip would need to be swapped out.

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