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A marriage of two programs I'd really like to see in .BIN format...


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Both seem to work from Classic99.


It looks like BVC sets up a moddified GPL interpreter in the lower 8K to run its magic. This could be causing problems for the FinalGROM.


The DSK version should work fine as it just patches the GPL code for file access. You need to enter CS1 or DSK1.FileName with no errors as there is no syntax or error checking in the patched code.


Have you tried renaming the files?


Here are the files again along with the original.











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Harry, Senior_Falcon and Torrax, you guys are the greatest! It's totally AWESOME to get Beyond Video Chess running directly from the FinalGROM!

So now anyone with a FinalGROM can easily play Video Chess with a joystick and save games to a device other than cassette.


I posted a quick and dirty little video below about the loading procedure, sorry about the audio, but like I said it was quick and dirty.



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Walk me through how to use this in Classic99. Also, is it possible to make a cartridge for Win994a?


1) Put the two files: CHESS_C.BIN and CHESS_G.BIN in a folder called CARTS like shown below...





2) From the main title screen select Cartridge > User > Open (the directory you have the carts it) like drive > classic99 > CARTS

3) Select CHESS_C.BIN


4) Follow the GIF below...




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