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Lynx LCD mod complete, WOW


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So I did the McWill LCD mod. It turned out great. If you have a Lynx I suggest this mod, if you don't have a Lynx get one and do the mod!


It looks much better in person than my crap cellphone pics, the colors are much deeper. Scanline version shown. Everything works well so far and I had no bad pixels or anything.


I used the ribbon cable that came with the mod and soldered the wires in order to the LCD module. I did the jumping around at the Lynx PCB. That seemed to work out well. Also I used some hot snot to keep the wires secure, I would recommend doing that so they don't break when re assembling the unit.


I didn't do the VGA mod. It is a nice feature but I figured if I want to play Lynx games on my PC monitor I will just use an emulator.


It was a pretty easy mod. Thanks to McWill for making it possible. Now all I need is a flash cart. I actually did buy just about all Lynx games and still have them but for convenience all in one would be nice. Trying some homebrew would be nice too.






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Did you do the 5v check from VCC to ground? I 'm in the middle of an upgrade myself, but don't want to go further until I figure this out. I hooked up a 7.5v battery pack to the battery terminals on the board but get no voltage at all from VCC to ground. I get the full 7.5 v if I go from VCC directly to the battery terminal ground, but nothing at the ground on the board.

My Lynx worked fine before I started the process. I put in a new mofset and had such a terrible time with that(first time messing with surface mounted components) I stopped and began checking for 5v. Wish I would have done that first before messing with the mofset. Trying to be thorough and now I'm stuck. Don't want to go on and possibly damage my McWill screen!

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