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Turbo DOS ver 2.5


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Hi there, folks!


Does anybody know what is this Turbo DOS?


It works like DOS II+/D but i've seen 2.0 version on cart!



And another question...


I can remember Atari program which simulates computer.

It's looks browny and I remember that dot-like symbols moves along the wires...


Do you remember what's it?



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Turbo Dos v2.1 with Utilities and help file!


This is an interesting DOS.


I got the disk image from Mr. Bacardi's website.

Quote: "a very good Dos that can handle SD/MD/DD/QD

This is the complete system-disk with all utilities!"
I made a dirty translation of the "HELP.EXE" file which is in German.
The PDF is inside the zip file.

TURBO-DOS XE 2.1.zip

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I guess he mixed it with Turbo-DOS XL/XE by Reitershan which you can find on the webpage...


I agree.


Here are pics I saved from somewhere else, that show what I think is a 1990, version 4.0, cartridge based version of the Turbo DOS 2.5 from 1989 in the first post of this thread.




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