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Draconland - Simpsons NES


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I was playing Simpsons - Bart vs Space Mutants for NES and I was disappointed by the game graphics.

Actually none of the versions for other systems have good graphics.

I played the Master System version back in the day, and I never past the first level.

Anyway, back to the NES, Here's my redemptions of the sprites, using the same sizes.

I've spent more time on Bart, that's why it is more detailed. You can compare with the original (also Moe). One would think it's not possible to make such graphics on NES because the color limit.
It's partially true. On NES you have 3 colors for each sprite tile, and you have up to 4 color palettes.

This means you can use one palette for each tile (not need to stick with 1 for all the sprite), that's what I did on Bart Sprite. And these palettes can be used for all other sprites. I painted my sprites using 3 palettes, still left 1 palette for other objects.

Do not believe? Download the ROM (zip file) and test on NES emulator! It's my first sprite test I'm releasing on internet.

Yes, I'm coding for NES now. :)

Bart moves from left to right and that's all.

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