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Oregon Trail for Intellivision


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Hi everyone.


I was reading there are no games starting with letter 'O', and I was increasingly worried so I started porting Oregon Trail.


Then I discovered indeed there are games starting with letter 'O', but already had coded the whole core of the game and I'm too tired for today to decide what to do with it.


Currently it's a text-only game, maybe I'll add later some graphic candy like in the first Apple II version like the map, the animals running and so :grin:


At this moment I'm not sure if the game is too difficult or there are bugs :dunce:


So I'm going to sleep and please enjoy this GIF. (click to animate)


P.S: As a tradition here, put your "I want two carts of this" message :rolling:



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Are you thinking Oregon Trail or its predecessor that was just called Oregon? The latter was coded using only Apple BASIC so parts -might- be portable to IntyBASIC.

There are two Apple ][ versions I've found in Youtube, the first one looks based in the original Oregon BASIC game but with added graphics intermissions that I liked, the second one is a 1985 version that looks too cramped IMHO.

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make a "PRGE 2017 Edition" and I will want three copies ( :rolling: )


Oregon Trail would be a perfect Portland release. ;)

That would be really nice, but to release I would need to finish the game before end of month. Testers would have only 10 days. And some crazy guy should be able to work out the manual and hardware in 40 days, probably box wouldn't be ready in time, it would be known as the great ordeal of Oregon :P.

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Brilliant! I definitely killed many hours playing Oregon Trail on the Apple II so would definitely pay for the full version in cart form. Two carts please! Maybe even combine with Oh Mummy! (or other smaller games) on your own Showcase cart? :grin:

After adding graphics I'm not sure if would remain space for another game :)

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lmao !!! That's a Perfect title for it as well.. "The Great Ordeal of Oregon Trail "


Staring Nanochess and His Posse of misfits ;)

Thanks for joining us! :P


That is amazing!


Dude, you have super powers. :)


...and... is the input a new IntyBASIC language addon "Input statement"?

No, it's a single subroutine to read numbers. Nothing new in IntyBASIC.

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