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Just got a jaguar cd ordered


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Came with a boxed jaguar and 3 jag cd games . Cheap price so I'm expecting issues with the cd player as the guy called it. I know if there's an issue it'll redscreen but what are common problems and solutions to fixing this unit. I might get lucky and it'll be fin but I'm expecting the worse. So what should I expect in the way of possible repairs .. thanks all

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Everything with shipping ran 125.


He listed it as a boxed jaguar with a cd player for it. With 3 cds. And when I asked what cds and player he had I saw the 3 jag cds and he said the cd player plug into the jaguar at the top. So I assume he thinks it's a regular cd player .

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how did this end up going? You got a boxed jaguar AND a CD unit for 125 with 3 games? Holy hell that's a deal, assuming it all works. If it's just the Jag CD unit but with a box and 3 games that's still an insane deal, again as long as it all works

Yeah, ordinarily an operational Jaguar or Jag CD unit alone, loose, would cost at least that much.

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