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Help identifying 1200XL mods


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I've recently tried, for the first time, my 1200XL which I had in storage for the past 18 months. I plugged it in and the composite video is so-so and the chroma appears to be missing on an S-Video connection..

I set out to do the ClearPic 2002 modification but it appears some work has been done already (note the skewer in the photo below pointing to the R63 position with a wire in place - the +5V SIO mod?).

In locating the parts needing replacing, I'm unable to guage what work has been done previously.

Can anyone make it out? Thanks :)


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Looking at the board... is that a 4MB memory upgrade?? Wow!



Uhhh. No. Guess not.


Seriously, I don't see any mods at all, other than R63.


Before you tear into this, try just replacing C115 and L15 with wire (or a really low resistance, like 1 ohm). Use Composite for Chroma on s-video. This should look really nice with a lot less work.


You can also run a wire from the left side of R186 (looking from the component side of the m/b) to the empty pin on J5 for Chroma.



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