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aranym install goof-up, need help reinitializing config

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I recently downloaded the aranym virtual machine in the hopes of satiating my hunger for a real st. sadly, I done did goof up on startup, and now it won't let me fix it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it refuses to go back to that startup config. help requested NEEDED.


I believe aranym keeps all its config in a single file. I'd say delete this file and try again? Which platform are you running on?


snippet from manual that might help:


ARAnyM keeps all its configuration files in one folder. Under linux and most other operating systems this is ”.aranym” in your HOME directory. For MacOS X it is Library/Preferences in your HOME directory. The NVRAM setting and the keymap file are stored in that directory as well. These files are normally named config, nvram and keymap or org.atari.aranym.config, org.atari.aranym.nvram and org.atari.aranym.keymap in case of MacOS X. The configuration file is in plain text so you can edit it with a plain text editor. If the file is not found upon ARAnyM startup then it is generated automatically and the options contain default values. Have a look at the aranym/doc/config file for inspiration.

A hint to path descriptions inside the config file. Generally four types of paths are supported, an absolute path description (starting with / or a drive letter for Windows), a relative path description to the current folder ARAnyM was started in, a HOME relative path starting with ~/, and a data folder relative path starting with */, which means $PREFIX/share/aranym/ for linux and most other operating systems and Library/Application Support/ARAnyM in case of MacOS X (recommended).

ARAnyM also recognises several command line options - try starting ARAnyM with the option ”–help” to find out more. The command line options have a higher priority over the config file. You can use it for temporary change of ARAnyM parameters or you can even store the command line options setting to the config file using “aranym –save”.

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