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SpiceWare's Blog - CDF Finalized


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cd-w was able to fix the CDF compatibility issue with my evil 7800, however this required a significant revision to the CDF driver which broke compatibility with Stella's CDF support so this build of Draconian does not work in Stella. I have submitted an update, so once the next release of Stella is available you'll be able to run this on your computer. Until this, use a Harmony Cart.


Besides the new CDF driver, this build also has a number of sound effect updates from iesposta.


For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


Since CDF is finalized, I'm once again posting source. The last time Draconian's source was posted was in 2014.


Please reference Rules of the Game for what's been implemented and what's to come.

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