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Henhouse help!


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Good morning! I just got my Henhouse cart and was messing with it this morning, but no manual. Ninerpedia says this:


Hen House

This is the first Funware module. You control a farmer at screen bottom who has two conflicting tasks: to protect his hen house from poachers and wolves, and to collect eggs.

If too many eggs are dropped or the wolf reaches the hen house, the game is over.

The game starts slowly, but as the score increases so does the speed. As you reach 10,000 things are really zipping around, and you have to make fast strategy decisions: do you take the chance on letting an egg fall in order to get your gun?

The instructions are a bit thin... the rifle is stored at screen left, to pick it up or drop it, move to extreme screen left. The eggs are collected by standing under a chute (without the gun!) and when the chute is full you press the fire button (joysticks are optional). You then move to screen right to drop the eggs into a red lorry (which is invisible on black and white displays : it is there though!).

A simple game perhaps, but the animation is neat and as it speeds up things do get tough.

SO.... just to confirm, when the 'chute' fills up, i go under it and press the fire button, then go to the red truck? I apologize in advance for being dense. :)

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