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Seeking critique for my Gyruss back story

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Howdy fellow Atariage retro gamers!


My favorite arcade game of all time is Gyruss. For some reason, the first time I played it around the age of 12 I actually got quite far. Walking away from the machine I was covered in sweat with my hands shaking and my pulse racing from the adrenal rush Gyruss gave me that no other game ever has (although Dungeons of Daggorath on the TRS Color Computer 2 comes close). What I liked was the classical music that somehow fits the action perfectly, and the fact that the setting is from real life - earth's solar system. It helped that I was a big space geek and familiar with all of the planets, and for me this gave the game gravity and poignancy that an imaginary setting could not. Because of this, I kind of came up with my own story since the game really doesn't have one.


Fast forward to the present. I was watching a youtube video comparing gyruss to it's various ports on other systems. Once again I thought about my imaginary story and decided it was time to write it down and make it 'for real. I consider myself a good creative writer and enjoy doing it and would love real and honest feedback Just keep in mind that I intentionally made the story cheesy and over the top in a 1980s kind of way. I'm not trying to create a literal story for Gyruss, I'm trying to crank the volume to 11 and creating an over the top 1980s arcade story that Konami might have created for the game themselves). And without further ado, Here it is...



Earth is under attack!!! The invaders came without warning, attacked without provocation, and their only terms are the utter destruction of human kind! A few small scout ships are all that escaped the destruction of Earth's once proud space fleet. You are now on a desperate mission to save humanity! A friendly alien scientist in the Centauri Sector has given you a small device that is capable of wiping out the invaders, but only if you can get it to Earth. As you approach the outer planets of earth's solar system, you realize the enemy has discovered your plan! Wave upon wave of enemy ships appear on your space radar as you drop out of warp to fight them! The last of earth's planetary defenses are beginning fail. All of humanity is counting on you. You must get through!





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