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Mouse Trap


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Atari had some balls!


I'll never forget the day when I bought Parker Brothers Reactor on a Sunday afternoon at Lionel Play World in Westchester Mall (Miami, FL)


I got home, plugged it in, and was like what the hell man?

Horrible picture quality. Massive interference. Assumed my cart was defective.


Wash, rinse, & repeat in the summer of 1990.

Enter Capcom's Mega Man 3 for my NES.

Once again, I was like, what the hell man?!


Play control...was flawless...now altered...now crap.

Jumping...was seamless...now altered...now crap.

sound effects...were perfectly pitched...now higher pitched...now crap.

...and...wait for it...screen flicker...on the GOD DAMN TITLE SCREEN?!...absolute CRAP!


Mega Man 1 & 2. Perfect 10 games.

Mega Man 3 (and onward) CRAP!

F U Capcom.


Quality Control can suck gentlemen...

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It's not a bug. Maybe a poorly executed feature, but works exactly as programmed.

Really? Huh, I always assumed that it was a byproduct of not testing the B&W/Color code properly. Seems like an odd thing to do, but you're the expert. :)

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Well b/w is actually a toggle switch, rather than a button like select and reset, maybe you have to flip it to b/w and back to color a second time to co back to the play field. I remember for years thinking my 007 cart was bad, it never occurred to me the b/w switch actually paused the game. What a kick ass feature! Since many games don't use it at all, much less for changing colors, why so few games opted for that feature?

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Only a few years after the Atari went mainstream; and certainly by 1981, color televisions were pretty much the norm. And with the switch on b/w or color, makes no difference, you can still play it on a b/w tv anyways, for those who were still limited by having one.


For many years, my parents had only 2 tv's in the house. A 25" color, and a 14" b/w. That's all I could play my Atari on until 1985.

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