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Project 65XE


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I had a moment of insanity, and so I am blogging about it here on atariage


I am taking a claimed as dead ebay 65XE from waffle house bathroom status to pimped out and restored, if you are interested you can see the full story here and this will be be a place to discuss outside the blog system here


thanks for your interest


day zero



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this mod




is taking signals from the pia to work with a gal and interface with the SRAM to act as ram expansion and a optional ramdisk , maybe there's a better way maybe not I do know this works though


Good write ups.


Thanks, I probally get a bit wordy and scant on details, that's a side effect of working for hack a day lol

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Nice. Mine took a lot of work to fix and the label was destroyed but at least I have a fully working system that I can mod. I still need to retrobrite the keys a little more though.




Can I ask why you're socketing the PIA? Not a lot of mods that I know of require removing or replacing it.




I socketed the entire board also with high quality dual wipe sockets. It just makes future repairs and troubleshooting easier.





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