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Fried Enhanced Joystick Pin?

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Hi Guys


I've been trying to connect up a timing system to the enhanced joystick port on my STE.



Circuits is essentially




Pin 11 -------- o / (Switch) ------ 150 ohm ------Pin 9 (ground)


Seemed to work for a while and then it stopped sensing changes.. that is it now considers Pin11 to be permanently pulled down.


Have i fried the pin?

Is there anything to be done?

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Nevermind. It's not fried.

For some reason its staying low sometimes. This may be because its simply directly connected instead of picking rows etc by sending a mask.


I'm not really sure what to do about this. I made sure i'm sending no masks and it works for a while, then it just flips low and stays there until i connect up a joypad instead.



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