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Well, my last comment about her being better is still good, I hope. She woke up a half-hour ago in the middle of the night, I asked her if she was okay, and she said she was a little bit dizzy, but not suicidal like she was yesterday morning. I don't know whether she can still eat, as it's only 4:40am here. I hope she'll be well enough to go and watch the eclipse six hours from now. Once I know she's good, and once the eclipse is done with, I will go to sleep. Don't have to worry about her trying to OD on pills since they're all in my room, and I would hope I would wake up if I heard her come in here. But hopefully I won't have to worry about that. This is taking its toll on my health as well. I've been having severe stomach aches. I have been pooping a lot. My butthole hurt a half-hour ago really bad shooting pain, probably from pooping too much. I know, TMI probably. I stayed up all night just in case she was suicidal and had to call my sister and take mom to the urgent care place. But wow, she got an injection of stuff in her rump and boy did it help, whatever that drug was. They should make it in pill form. Well, let's just hope she is still better when she wakes up this morning today.

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