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Easy way to format Games for HC?


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So I bought the Harmony encore cart. It seems great so far.


I was wondering is there an easy way to get my ROMs to all NTSC versions and get rid of all of the various hacks, clones, duplicates, PAL etc?


It looks to be a daunting task to manually weed out thousands of games. There must be an easier way.

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Thanks. is there a place where i can get all of the homebrew games in one place (Pac-Man 8k, New DK, Space Rocks, etc) Or do I just need to search them out one by one?

There's a thread somewhere on the forums that has a link in it, but it's old and probably not worth searching for unless you are just really bored. The trick to the searches is to use the advanced settings to keep it from limiting the results. I didn't realize it for the longest time, until Albert pointed it out to me. :-D


It's probably going to be time consuming, no matter how you do it. I've downloaded more than a few different libraries full of 2600 games and I'm still sorting through them to find the games I want and get rid of duplicates. Homebrews are worse to deal with, since there are different versions and bug fixes. I'm also still finding out about homebrews that I'd never heard of, which leads to more searching and downloading every couple of days.


If I ever get my collection of roms to a point I feel like it would be of help to other members, I'll post it. Right now it's all NTSC, but it's a mess. :P

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