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Looking for TI Six Pack


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I am looking for the "TI Six Pack" by Image Computer Products that includes "Tournament Brick-Bat", "Wall Street Challenge", "Wildcatting", "Strategy Pack 1", "Mind Master", and "Skill Builder 1".

"Tournament Brick-Bat" and "Mind Master" sound like interesting titles.

If anyone knows where i could download those titles that would be appreciated.

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Those Image Computer Products titles were the first six third-party titles for the TI-99/4, released at the end of 1979. I have found just two of the six over the years--Wildcatting (as a loose tape) and Wall Street Challenge (as a sealed box). The Wall Street Challenge tape was purchased in the 2015 eBay auction identified by @ti99iuc. I found the Wildcatting cassette in a lot of tapes on I found on eBay early in 2016. Those were the only times I have seen copies of any Image Computer Products tapes show up on eBay in the 19 years I have been buying stuff there. They may be in the TI Gamebase, however (I haven't looked to be sure though).

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