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Old Commodore 64 color flyer from around 1982


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I have never owned a Commodore computer before but I did play Jupiter Lander and other games in a retail store back in the early 80’s when I tried the system out for the first time. I came across this old Commodore 64 brochure that I picked up in a retail store back around 1982, so I am making it available as a PDF attachment for anyone that wants to look at it. I decided to go with the ColecoVision videogame system back around August of 1982 (Same exact time the Commodore 64 came out). The Commodore only runs at 1.023Mhz for its CPU. The ColecoVision uses the Zilog Z80 CPU at 3.58Mhz. I purchase Expansion Module #3 the ADAM computer in 1983 and the ADAM is based off the exact Z80 CPU. The ADAM computer is a more powerful machine and has AdamNet. The ADAM computer also has better graphics quality when compared to the Commodore 64 computer videogame quality. For example take a look at Donkey Kong the Supergame, Donkey Kong Junior the Supergame, and Gorf on the ADAM. The graphics and game play are better on the ADAM. Of course at $800 the ADAM cost around $200 more than the Commodore 64, but one also got a letter quality daisy wheel printer with built in Smartwriter word processor with the ADAM computer for that price.


However, the Commodore 64 is the most popular computer of the 1980’s and received Guinness book of records as the highest selling computer. The Commodore 64 came out in August of 1982 and was not discontinued until April of 1994. It is estimated that a maximum of 17 million Commodore 64’s were sold where as the less popular more powerful ADAM computer only sold a maximum of 500,000 machines.


The Coleco ADAM went out of production in January 1985 and Coleco left the computer and videogame business, therefore there was no ADAM II computer made or any future improved ADAM computer made. In January 1985 the Commodore 128 was released that used a Zilog Z80A processor at 4Mhz and offered 128Kb of memory with 80 column color output. The Commodore 128 was more powerful than the ADAM computer. In addition, the Commodore Amiga was released in July of 1985 with a fast 7Mhz processor and better graphics card and also was more powerful than the ADAM computer. Coleco went out of business and never had the opportunity to make a second generation computer. However, the Commodore 128 only sold 5.7 million computers between January 1985 and its discontinued date of 1989. The Commodore Amiga only sold slightly under 5 million computers between July 1985 to its discontinued date of 1996. Since the Commodore 64 was discontinued April of 1994 and the Commodore 128 was discontinued in 1989, this is also very interesting statistics. The classic less powerful Commodore 64 with 17 million sales was much more popular with consumers. The most powerful computer or the most powerful videogame system does not mean it well be the most popular under real world conditions.

Commodore 64.pdf

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