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Hellhole from Fury Unlimited


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that guy is obviously just jealous, I'd like to see him do better? ;)

Hmm, is this supposed to be a joke? "That guy" implemented V-Frogger, Karl Quappe (update of Frogger), Release!, and VIDE (Integrated Development Environment for the Vectrex).


Hellhole is crap both from player's perspective and technical perspective. Fullstop.

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Well, that's not good. I've never had an issue with him not responding all these years, and I pre-ordered this back in 2012. Last correspondence was back in February in anticipation of the April release.


Hopefully, everything is good on his end and its just a missed email.

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Yes, maybe he does. Because he does deliver the goods. Now, maybe the wait is too much for some people and there I can agree but it's unavoidable. By that I mean that it's the same wait for everyone whether they pre-pay or not, Fury isn't going to go any faster and he's not making you wait on purpose. But the goods will arrive. He doesn't stiff people out of their money, he doesn't deliver a game that isn't what he described it as. Wait, don't wait, it's up to you, but don't lump him in with the other clowns who take the money and run, deliver nothing.


If he would give more updates I suppose that would appease more people but I don't see how that changes anything, the updates don't make time go faster, you're still going to wait as long as you're going to wait, the game will show up when it shows up. Different industry, but the car mod/restoration world runs this way, pay for the work, car takes 3+ years to be finished. Yelling about it, paying in full in advance, doesn't matter because the car will be done when it's done. Yet those people just accept the way it is. Sure, some want it now but they aren't in the mood to do the work themselves to speed it up. If I could program these games I'd make my own version quicker, sure.


Or pay when it's available, like any other vendor.



"Because he does deliver the goods." - Well Led - send me 100K because I'll repay you in 75-100 years...


WELL GOSH - 5 Months gone by - (crickets heard in the back ground)


Nothing - NADA




NUF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Disappointed in the midwest.





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