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atari2600land's Blog - Playing with fire ants.


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So I'm looking for ways to make the Ants Jaguar game more fun. I decided to try to put in a fire ant to not squish. I don't know why, but GIMP wanted to make the stupid ant black instead of red like I wanted it to. So I spent a couple hours trying to make the stupid ant be red and only have a bit depth of 4 or 8. I finally gave up and succumbed to a 24 bit depth and it worked. I guess only black and white colors can have a bit depth of 4 or 8 on my computer and not everyone else's. The next step is to have it come and go periodically. Right now it's always in the game.

I woke up at midnight with my throat hurting because of acid reflux. I didn't know you could have it while sleeping. I drank water. I drank milk. Nothing seemed to help. So I finally decided to go back to sleep. I did, and woke up at almost 8 am instead of 7am because of it.

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