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ATARI 2600 with various emulation consoles


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Hello Everyone,


I found this on ebay , check it out.

it has a lot of emulators and it seems that was build with a original 2600 shell



First post and you're selling something... You just joined the forums so you could advertise this auction, correct? :dunce:

So, you "FOUND" this on eBay? Looks to me like YOU listed it, since you used the same user name here. :P

"SEEMS" it was built with an original 2600 shell? Of course it was, but since you are the one selling it, you should know. :thumbsdown:

In the auction description, it says it's not Pi based, so what's inside of it then? :?

You might want to have better details about something you are trying to sell for an insanely high price. :-o

I think it's rather rude of you to come here and more or less lie about something, just to get people to look at your auction. :mad:

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and THIS is the very first post you make? Your listing?


RAMRODHARE beat me to the punch lol.


Honesly I do not even mind the listing BUT be straight forward and honest and post IN THE RIGHT DAMN SECTION :P


But yeah for what it is the BUY IT NOW price is insane. :lol:

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