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Favorite Paddle Games?

Favorite Paddle Games  

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  1. 1. What is/are your favorite paddle games?

    • Breakout
    • Super Breakout
    • Circus Atari
    • Demons to Diamonds
    • Canyon Bomber
    • Night Driver
    • Street Racer
    • Video Olympics
    • Casino
    • Blackjack
    • Backgammon
    • Warlords
    • Kaboom!
    • Eggomania
    • Other choice not listed

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The correct answer is "All of them." ;) :-D But here are some I like that I didn't see listed or mentioned:

Steeplechase - a quick, arcadey game good in short spurts; supports four players
Guardian - it's really rare and also made by Apollo, but it's better than either of those things suggest
Solar Storm - a paddle shooter by Imagic; 'nuff said...although the control seems REALLY touchy and jittery
Warplock - more fun and addicting than it looks
Bugs - oft-maligned but pretty fun when you get the hang of it IMO, although it's still really hard
Fireball (Supercharger) - moar breakout!

I'm pretty partial to the early ones like Video Olympics, Street Racer, Canyon Bomber, Breakout, and Night Driver. I'll even take Casino or Blackjack for a ride once in a while when I feel like mixing things up a little.

I haven't played Tac-Scan in eons, I'll have to revisit that one. Astroblast with paddles is choice. Eggomania gets points for being weird

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I love me some Kaboom. I for some reason enjoy this more on the 800. I have a nice set of Sears paddles that I take meticulous care of just for Kaboom. 2nd to that would be Circus Atari, and a close third for me is Tac scan. Theirs just something so satisfying about using a nice set of paddle controllers.

I've tried Warlords a few times with some friends and it wasn't as much fun as I expected. We ended up playing Kaboom for the high score instead.

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Medieval Mayhem/Warlords and Kaboom make my favourite paddle games, the Atari 800 port of the latter with the pitch and catch(?) 2-player simul mode is even better.


Video Olympics is also a treat with friends. Glad to see I'm not alone in thinking that.


I play a bit of Casino and Demons to Diamonds too.

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