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Teaching Retro YouTube channel is up


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My 6 year old daughter and I have started a YouTube channel called Teaching Retro. I explain how great everything used to be and she tells me how new is better.


If you think you might like it, please take a look. We have 2 videos up so far and will be trying to post a new one every Monday.





If I violated any terms of AtariAge by posting this here, sorry. Just let me know and I will remove it. We are just trying to get the word out to anyone who might be interested and I thought this is a place full of people like ourselves.






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Wow, you give your daughter all this sugary stuff in the morning?

Actually, we filmed in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the mic and we had to do a second take.


I come from the old school way of only having one box open at a time and not opening another until it's gone. We stored all of the cereal from the video in ziploc bags and aren't half way through them.


She prefers oatmeal and waffles and we both didn't want to look at cereal for about a week after filming.

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