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Any interest in Magnavox Odyssey game card reproductions?

Dastari Creel

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I'm currently working on recreating the game cards for the Magnavox Odyssey. This is mostly to create game card #11, but I'd be amenable to creating any of the other game cards for anyone who wants one. I realize that RevRob already made a game card #11, but this would be for anyone else who wants one. Also, my repros would have the plastic handle piece that the RevRob ones are missing.

At the moment, I'm not producing a game for these, but RevRob did develop a free game that utilizes Game Card #11, so these would allow you to play that.

Is there any interest in game card reproductions?

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I went looking for my #11 game card. I found it. It was in the Odball box. D'oh. I thought there was already a cart #11 and cart #12 before Rev Rob made his. Or am I just thinking things?


Yeah, there is. What I was saying is that since it's considered rare, I could make a reproduction of it for anyone who wanted one. I realize that it's not a huge amount of use for anyone who doesn't have Interplanetary Voyage, but for anyone who can't afford/find that game it would give them a way of seeing what the play control is like. Primarily, though, i was interested in seeing if anyone wanted a game card #11 that doesn't already have one.


Even though I have one that came with Odball, it's bothered me that it doesn't have the handle that other game cards have, which is why I've been determined to make my own. :-)

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On 12/9/2021 at 4:48 PM, Leandro Macrini said:

Hello, I will have a Magnavox Odissey in the next days.

unfortunately there are no game cards with the console.


I’m looking for a reproduction or any other way to get them!


thank you.

I still have some of these if you are interested. Hopefully your console arrived OK. 



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