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Mecha-8/9 and Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe Soundtracks on sale!


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Hi everyone, I started a little project to get funds to attend RUMSX at Winter 2018 at Barcelona, Spain. So I decided to edit the music of Mecha-8 and Mecha-9 together in a single CD. Nanochess said to me "Include too the PSG music", because I only I had included the FM music present on the MSX version of the game, so, the final result is a 56 tracks CD with a beautiful cover in a vinyl style CD into a very nice CD box.


This is a limited edition, because of that, I'm only releasing 50 copies of Mecha OST (right now, just 45 because I sold 5 at past weeks), if you want one, welp, you can order here, just sent me a PM and you will get the details c:


Also, I'm selling the OST of "Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe" featuring the 9 tracks of the Game Of The Year for Intellivision with the original art of the game-box! Right now just have 46 copies of the OST, hurry up to get yours!

Some history

In 2011 I started composing music for MSX for a fortuity, my brother needed music for a game called Zombie Near that was going to send to the MSXDEV 10, which ended in second place.

In 2012 I composed music for Mecha-8, a vertical scrolling shooter that ended in fourth place in MSXDEV 2011, and later, thanks to MATRA Corp, went on sale in an improved version in physical version (cartridge) and had an excellent reception with Spanish/Dutch MSX community. And shortly after it was published in Colecovision by part of Team Pixelboy, resulting in a great success within the Canadian community.

In 2014, the Mecha-8 license was sold to AtGames, and the game was included in the ColecoVision Flashback console as a special addition with other greatest original hits. This console was sold in the United States and Canada in stores such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Dollar General and others.

In 2015, the enthusiasm generated by Mecha-8 made Mecha-9 possible, edited with luxury on ColecoVision/MSX by Team Pixelboy in Canada and MATRA Corp/Bitwise in Spain/Holland. The FM soundtrack that I compose is my great pride, also, the Japanese translation by B. Shigeru (which made it possible to enter the MSX homebrew market in Japan) makes the game a must-have for any MSX fan.

In 2016, I was called to make the Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe soundtrack, a new CollectorVision game for Intellivision. The game was voted the best game of 2016 (GOTY = Game Of The Year) by the community of AtariAge and its first edition finished quickly. Shortly thereafter, a conversion was made for ColecoVision/MSX, becoming the first commercial game to go on sale for Colecovision after 15 years! Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe will also be released for the Sega Master System under the Acclaim brand, and ports for NES, Gameboy Advance and probably C64 are being prepared. That makes me the first Mexican to have made a soundtrack present in six different consoles! (Intellivision, MSX, Colecovision, Sega Master System, NES, Gameboy Advance).

Other projects I have participated in have been Remember The Flag for Colecovision and I also collaborated with the music in the game Corrupted Data for PC, an RPG that celebrates the seventh anniversary of Miku Hatsune, the Vocaloid diva.


Thanks for reading, guys.





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Great Job! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


What are the date of RUMSX in 2018 ?


Btw, i think you have also helped for the music of my Battle Of Hoth on colecovision? no?

The RUMSX of winter 2018 don't have a date yet, but they are going to write me as soon they know the dates. If this project goes well, maybe I could attend the RUMSX of this year.

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By buying those soundtracks, you're directly supporting him

All profits made are used to finance his trip to attend RUMSX


Also, by supporting him, you ensure having him on board for more great Colecovision music for homebrewers

I appreciate a lot this, thank you very much :)

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Hi, for troubles with the domains, my hosting has changed all the eu.pn domains to eu5.net domains.


My new website is: http://adan.eu5.net/and you can find the details of the OSTs at: http://adan.eu5.net/europe.html


If you bought an OST/s, upload the photo of the OST if u already received. Thanks to all.

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