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Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe and Mecha-8/9 Soundtracks on sale!


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Hi to all the Intellivision community. As the main composer of the music of Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe, I decided edit on CD the great soundtrack of this beloved game in a limited quantity (50 copies) to finance my travel to Barcelona, Spain and attend RUMSX of Winter 2018. Also, the Mecha-8/9 OST is available with the same quantity of copies. The OSTs features great cover art in a simple but beautiful CD box, with vinyl style disc and all will be numbered. Sydney Hunter include 9-tracks of the Intellivision music, and Mecha OST includes 56-tracks (PSG & FM music version).


Right now I only have available 45 copies of the OST. So if anybody wants one, contact me with a PM.


Intymike said to me: "You should post it at Atari Age, I'm sure, the soundtracks will be gone within minutes 1f609.png". And here I am, bringing this news to all the Intellivision community.


Original post on Colecovision forums:





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Hi, for troubles with the domains, my hosting has changed all the eu.pn domains to eu5.net domains.


My new website is: http://adan.eu5.net/and you can find the details of the OSTs at: http://adan.eu5.net/europe.html


If you bought an OST/s, upload the photo of the OST if u already received. Thanks to all.

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Just to close the loop on this... as expected, the shipment was just stuck in customs for a while. The CD arrived safe and sound today. Thanks!

Happy to hear that. All the packages are going to reach his destination c: don't worry guys. Sometimes customs are slow

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