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Captain Beeble is a Great Game


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Really fun and challenging. I love the horizontal Lunar Lander-type thrust controls.


Any other games out there like this?


Not precisely, off the top of my head, but if you mean good games with gravity(ish) mechanics:


Stellar Shuttle: good port of the arcade game, single screen though

Thrust: Multi-screen game with gravity/acceleration. I think there is a hack out there that uses a joystick as well. Think Gravitar with a payload.

Dropzone: Everyone knows this classic. Does have some mild gravity mechanics. More like Defender than Captain Beeble though.

Fort Apocalypse: Very mild gravity mechanics and a huge, non-linear set of levels.


That's all I can think of off the top of my head. There are a couple more with Lunar Lander type elements, but I can't think of the names ATM.

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Lunar Lander didn't have horizontal thrust controls.


Pretty sure it did, you had to control left and right as well as up and down..


EDIT: Just tried all the Lunar Landers I have from various authors and all need thrusters for up / down left / right..


Just wanted to make sure...

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Atari's arcade Lunar Lander (shared hardware with Asteroids) only allows roll control through 180 degrees with all thrust coming from the base of the lander.

In general Lunar Lander type games using raster graphics tended to have an upward facing ship with variable speed dependant on thrust in the vertical direction and fixed speeds or stationary in the horizontal.


I used to play Captain Beeble a fair amount. It has it's moments but gets a bit repetitive. From memory it actually has fixed vertical speeds with the horizontal being widely variable.

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