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Atari Prging: Importing prg to .atr?

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If you are running Altirra then you can drag/drop files into an ATR image using the Disk Explorer on the Tools menu.

Your program doesn't need a 'prg' extension, most compilers/assemblers will let you name the output file and so best to use 'xex' for a binary load file or 'rom' for a cartridge image.

Those are typically associated with the emulator and so just launching them will run them without having to go via an ATR image.

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Nothing to stop you using a batch file, e.g I often do the same:

@del *.xex
d:\utils\compilers\ASM\MADS\mads demo.asm -o:demo.xex -c -t:demo.lbl

That can be extended to check the xex exists and if so launch the emulator.


A more 'clean' suggestion for you would be to try out the WUDSN environment which others here would advocate.


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I've questioned why you think you need to use a disk image? Can you elaborate on your use-case?


Are there other 'resources' on there you'll want to access, e.g. graphics or data files, a DOS so that your program can load and save files?


An executable binary more often than not is used as it can chain segments together and load them to wherever you want but also can run code in-between sections, e.g. to relocate data to memory under the O/S.

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You're right. For now, I don't need to use disk images. So, forget about this thread--for now.


What you need is the dir2atr utility. It always creates a new disk image, but if you keep all files that you need to be in the disk image in one directory, it is very convenient.

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