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Can Smurfs Hack Into My Little Pony for the 2600?


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Im not a good hacker or even knowing any programming but Im hoping for some one that could tell me how to hack the 2600 Smurfs into a mockup My Little Pony. So far I made up a mockup label and box art even used a screen shot for a hack see if this could work, not only the replacing a Smurfs sprite with a pony bot also use the cartoon theme song, again Im not a hacker but heres my art I did on what could look like..







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Ignore him, he is on drugs all the time.

Hicks was awesome in that flic !!!! they did try to ignore him & he was right the whole time :P

Back on topic:

great looking box art, cart label and the screen shot looks pretty good too


I could totally see being a neat project. I don't code at all though but following this thread sounds like fun :)

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The sprites are no problem and could be more colorful than your mockup even. The sound would be a bit more of an issue. Nukey Shay did a semi commented disassembly of smurfs over a decade ago that should be posted here in the hacks forum still.


Feeling old yet, punk?

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