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Ken Siders Has Died


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Unexpectedly is probably code for heart attack...


Whatever the answer its way too young to be passing on....I'm not religious but I'd like to hope he went to a nice place...

49, eh? (Checks DOB on driver's license. :-o )

Remember when you didn't have to concern yourself with those thoughts? I miss those days.

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I like his products and his sense of humor. I remember his april fool releasing Burger Time aka Beef Drop as an unreleased Prototype, it was the best april fool ever. Think he was a great guy and a real Atarian. I'm sad to hear he passed away. We will remember you, Ken!



Can anyone remember the name of Ken's tools that make the 'k' disks?. I thought it was ATRUTIL.EXE but that builds ATRs.


I will probably play some Burger Boy this weekend. It's Ken's Action! language based predecessor to Beef Drop.


Yes, the name was MAKEATR.EXE. You will find it on the holmes CD. http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/holmes%20cd/Holmes%202/PC%20Atari%20Programming%20Utils/MAKEATR/index.html. Other products from him are UNMAKATR.EXE and DISKFORMer.

Take also a look at his homepage... http://kensclassics.org/

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Alright, I knew there was a good resource site that Ken had for a long time. The old book mark I had in Firefox brought up a dead page, so I assumed he'd abandoned it to start the new one that I linked to in the first post of this thread. It appears he had gotten his own domain back in 2008.


So here's the link to his old site at the changed domain: Ken's Atari 8-bit Page


Lot's more stuff to see here, including his well-known and used Windows utility AtrUtil '95.

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Having been absent for own tribulations recently I was concerned having not heard from Ken and attributed it to my being out of the loop.... as I catch up on things, this is the biggest stomach churning sickening feeling one can have.....


Please know the joy, the fun, the interesting ideas had enriched the lives and of those he knew and all those who had the privilege to play his games and join in on his pranks.


Please mirror his domain, and see that it addressed in such a way to honor him and his family. We don't want this to be an ongoing loss and I certain the family would want his legacy of enjoyment for others to continue.

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