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Dreaming again. Since I couldn't go to sleep last night, I had time to make a fake Nintendo Power article on Frank the Fruit Fly. It's a part of the guide to the game. I was working on the game and realized it should probably have a guide to go with it. So I was busy making one. I got a cover (page 1 of the "article") as well as the second page done.

I kind of enjoy Game Boy programming because it takes me back to my childhood and the fun I had playing video games. I must have gotten my first Game Boy in the mid '90s, I was a late adopter to it mostly because of money, which seems weird because they bought me a SNES for my birthday in 1991 and an N64 for my birthday in 1996.

But then my GB broke and I didn't get another one until recently when I saw one for sale at the video game store that closed down back in March. It's now a place to go boxing, which seems odd because it wasn't that big of a store. Anyway, I love the thing and use it regularly along with my GBC which I use to test Frank the Fruit Fly on.

But I dread the day where I need to learn bankswitching. I'm surprised though at the amount of game I can put on one bank anyway. I have at least a half-dozen different screens yet I still must be at 32k. My plan is to make it 128k, or as NP would have said, 1 MBit. I settled on that because that's the average size of an average Game Boy game reviewed in the old NP issues from 1993-4 I have. I'm making the guide in MS Paint because it looks way better than what I could achieve in word processing programs. Here is a cover I made for it.

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