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Poll - Interest check 400/800 Pac-man Arcade Box


400/800 Pac-man Arcade Box Interest Check  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in a box for your copy of 400/800 Pac-man Arcade?

    • Yes
    • No

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Grazigamer is thinking of making boxes for the 400/800 version of Pac-man Arcade available for purchase. She is Edwardo's wife/partner in Opcode games and has done the graphic art work for their game releases. I never offered a box, so there might be some interest. She will be creating the artwork for the boxes and they would be the same type of plastic box that are used with Opcode games releases.

She is trying to gauge how much interest there is and determine a cost for the boxes. Please respond to the poll if you are interested in a box.

I have attached some photo's of her work. You will notice that their is an insert in the box. Due to the smaller size of the 8-bit computer carts, an insert would be needed to keep the cart from moving around. The insert would add $2 to the cost of the box, but the catch is that they need to be ordered in quantities of 200 for that price. We will have to see how many people want boxes and get Grazi's feedback on cost for the insert.




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I'd be interested in a box and a cart, as I don't have a cart. I'd skip the insert though, speaking from experience with selling homebrew games at expos... you are not gonna sell 200 copies.

Yes, not even close to it. The only way to make it work would be to start boxes for other 400/800 games as well.

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