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I wanted to collect together all the Atari-related comic books that I'm aware of. Back when Warner owned Atari, they also owned DC comics, making them a natural pair.

First, there are the mini-comics that were bundled into Atari 2600 games. The Atari Force DC mini comics came bundled with Defender, Berzerk, Star Raiders, Phoenix, and Galaxian. The Swordquest games each also came with a DC mini comic. Centipede also had a game inspired DC mini comic. Finally, Yar's Revenge came bundled with "Qotile Ultimatum" - which was not a DC mini-comic, but done internally at Atari. More info on all of these right here on Atari Age:

Atari Force was later made into a full DC comic book that ran for 20 issues. Lots of good info on these comics can be found at Atari Force HQ:

As far as I know, DC published two graphic novels using Atari subject matter.
Star Raiders (see info from Atari Force HQ link)
Warlords http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/DC_Graphic_Novel_Vol_1_2

Today, our modern incarnation of Atari has partnered with Dynamite to produce all new comics. So far, there have been Swordquest and Centipede comics. These have been discussed here in the Forums.

Also, coming up will be collected reprints of the original Atari Force and Swordquest mini-comics:

Ok, did I miss anything? Any comments? Any other great links I should be aware of?

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