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My 7800 collection


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After suffering a fire 4 years ago... I almost have everything back that I had or now want



What's kinda crappy is that I had two in-development versions of Q*bert and Beef Drop that I just sold. They were very rare and was given to me to review for my website years ago, by Ken Siders himself. I sold them to buy more 7800 games, and now that he's passed... I regret selling them.


I have every original 7800 game, including the red end Ballblazer, 2600 label Tomcat, and Black lettered Realsports Baseball. Here's some of my homebrew, repro, oddball carts:


32 in 1, Armor Attack 2, Asteroids Deluxe, Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter, Beef Drop, B*nq, Combat 1990 (#15 with my name on the label), Crazy Brix, Crazy Otto, Diagnostic Cart, Donkey Kong PK, Dungeoun Stalker, Dual Pac Man, Failsafe, Frenzy, GATO, Jr. Pac-Man, Klax, Meteor Shower (Blue), Monitor Cart, Moon Cresta, Missing in Action, Halloween Cartridge (My name on the box and in game), Pac Man, Pac Man Collection, Pac Man Plus, Pac Nestor SE, Pac Pollux, Plutos, Possible Mission (With a Label I Made), Rip Off, Robot Finds Kitten, Santa Simon, Save Mary (cool label), Scramble, Sentinel (NTSC), Sirius, Space Duel, Space Invaders, Super Pac-Man, Tank Command Midnight Run, T:ME Salvo, Traveler (# eight), Wasp!, Worm!


Added Alpha Race and Super Circus Atari, recently.


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That's a very impressive collection. I am only missing Tank Command in regards to the NTSC original run games and have a large collection of homebrews but you have more. It is nice to see someone show some love for the 7800.


I have to ask about this "Black Label Realsports Baseball." Could you tell me more? I never even knew there was there were label variations for this game.

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If you look in the upper right hand corner of my photo, you can see the Realsports Baseball game in a box peeking out. The word "BASEBALL" on the front is black, and it's black on the cart as well. It's rarer than the white version but not worth too much more, but it's still cool to have.

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